18 Most Beautiful 365 days flowering plants in India (2022)

Planting flowers is essential in our life because it says that the flower’s smell can change negative energy into positive energy. In our home, we all plant flowers, and somewhere we notice that when the flower season is over, the flowering plant will start to dry up automatically. Then we have to wait for the subsequent season for that flower to bloom, But with seasonal flowers, we do require to wait for the particular season, and that sort of flower is called seasonal flowers. The plant grown every season is known as a perennial plant. Many people prefer it to bloom these categories of plants. You do not need to care for them more than the others. Different kinds of flowers bloom in the cold, rainy and summer seasons. And it is very comfortable to keep this sort of plant safe at home. So, anyone can construct a home garden by planting these flowers.

Understand the difference between Perennial and annual Flowers

Perennial flowers can be easily seen in every house because of their characteristics and shelf life. This category of flowers is grown for many years and produced yearly. Perennial flowering plants bloom for a short time in pre-season, mid-season or late-season, with a flowering period lasting a week. This category of flowering plants also usually takes a few years to bloom.

Perennial plants can efficiently live throughout the year in a position where they can obtain the proper quantity of daylight. And at once the plant is planted, this perennial plant cultivates covers for many years to count shades and attractiveness to the garden.

In Annual flowers, the flower sustains a growing season and passes away as the seed is produced. It indicates that this flower is shed in the same year; from them, other plants bloom and grow quickly and sustain for an extended period.

List of 365 days flowering plants in India

1. Rose

rose 365 days flowering plants in India

Rose is the most famous plant in India and can be easily seen anywhere. The rose flower comes in different varieties and colours. Rosa is the botanical name of Rose. This category of flower is ideally suited to the Indian climate. and if you wish to succeed in planting the rose, you require dead grass and then make a smooth cut of the leaves and stem. After it, cut the branches, pour turmeric powder on them, and notice one thing: don’t dare to use inorganic fertilizer. Please use organic fertilizer like vermicompost, used tea etc.

2. Lantana

Lantana 365 days flowering plant in india

Lantana camera is the botanical name of this flower. This flower is significantly grown in Northern areas to protect Frost accessible areas, and its shrubs act as a ground. This flower category is especially found in bunches and comes in different colours like white, yellow, pink, red, orange etc. The plant of this flower is used in various regions like in the medical field, making ornamental, and it acts as a host plant. In ayurvedic remedies, this plant has also been used to treat several diseases like cancer, chicken pox, asthma, ulcer etc.

3. Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea 365 days flowering plant in india

The botanical name of this flower is Bougainvillea labra. To bloom this flower, there is no need to give extra water and care. But this flower requires a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight daily. And it can be seen in different colours like purple, yellow, pink, magenta etc. This flower category is usually surrounded with dark colour papery bracts, and because of this reason, this lower is also known as the paper flower.

4. Adenium

Adenium 365 days flowering plant in india

The botanical name of this flower is Adenium Obesum. And this flower category is usually seen in desert areas, but you can quickly grow it at home. This variety of flowers also come in different colours like purple, white, red, yellow etc. But to maintain this category of plant, you need to notice one thing the soil is moist throughout the year.

5. Ixora

Ixora 365 days flowering plant in india

usually, this plant comes in the category of dwarf plant, and to bloom this flower, there is no need to give extra care. The speciality of this flower is that it blossoms in a ball shape and glances so attractive. This flower category also comes in different colours like orange, yellow, red etc. In India, this flower is used in making Ayurvedic treatments to make medicines and is also used for worship.

6. Crossandra

Crossandra 365 days flowering plant in India

This category of flower blooms in loamy, well-draining and lush soil. Due to the orange and colour flower, this plant is also called the firecracker plant. Suppose this plant gets proper care, so it takes hardly 7 months to grow. But with this flower category, you have to take care of several things, like do not pour much water into the plant etc. So, for this reason, it is best to keep this plant inside the house and outside at the time of sunlight. The botanical name of this flower is Cassandra infundibuliform.

7. Mandevilla

Mandevilla all season flower plant

Mandevilla is an attractive and subtropical flower plant. You can bloom this flower in your garden also, and this flower can bloom for a full day. But for this, you must provide proper water, fertilizer and sunlight. The speciality of this flower is that as soon this plant grows, it starts producing a tail. Like other flowers, this flower comes in shades like white, pink, red etc.

8. Marigold

Marigold all season plant

Marigold flowers can easily be seen in every house. The success of the flower stems primarily from its ability to grow continuously throughout the summer. To grow this flower, there is no need to give much attention. But it requires more sunlight and humus-rich black soil. The interesting fact about this flower is that you must pinch the top of the marigold flower after they have been adequately established because it permits them to grow bushy. And this technique will also protect the plant from becoming Lego and stop them from blooming more.

9. Christ flower

Christ flower

Another name for this flower is the Crown of Thorns. This category of the plant can be easily identified by its brightly paired tipped flower and its stickiness, and this flower is covered with thick spines on a brown stem. To bloom, this flower requires dry soil and high humidity. This plant does not need to provide pesticides because it has a sufficient amount of molluscicide. Apart from it, as per the report of the World Health Organisation, this plant has proved a natural alternative to pest control. This plant has also been utilized to construct several medicines in Ayurveda.

10. Bigfoot Geranium

Bigfoot Geranium flower

this flower also requires low maintenance, and this plant provides fragrant green leaves. And this plant reaches a maximum of 12 inches of height and spreads around 24 inches. This flower creates a beautiful ground cover, and to grow this plant, and there is no need to supply any weeds. And this category of flower generally grows in average soil with proper sunlight. This plant co-relate with the Geranium family, and the species of this plant is Bigroot Geranium.

11. Kalanchoes

Kalanchoes flowering plant

this plant looks beautiful because of its green leaves, tiny in size and attractive flowers. And it can quickly bloom in both areas, indoors or outdoor. This flower comes in different colours like pink, red, yellow, white etc. And this plant tends to tolerate a considerable range of climates, but in winter, you need to care for it more.

12. Tibouchina urvilleana

Tibouchina urvilleana flowering plant all season

this flower is also known as princess lover due to its large, tropical, evergreen shrub plant. In this plant category, you can see different colours of flowers like neon, purple etc., and this plant quickly reaches 10 to 15 heights. To bloom this plant’s flower, you must provide appropriate concentration and maintenance.

13. orchid

orchid evergreen flowering plant

The orchid is a fantastic flower, but to bloom it, you need a humid environment. It needs an organic potting mix like charcoal, coconut fibre shell etc. And you cannot extend this plant with the help of homemade fertilizer because it requires purely orchid fertilizer. The structure of orchid plants is nonwoody. The diversity of composition of this flower can mainly be attributed to the help of the pollination method. And the scientific name of the orchid is Orchidaceae.

14. Cone Flower

Cone Flower

the flower of this plant is drought and heat obstructive. Especially birds and butterflies are attracted to this flower. You can see coneflower in shades like yellow, pink, chartreuse, red etc. This category of plants is of massive value in the medical field for treating cancer and several infectious diseases. So because of this reason, many people cultivate this plant for commercial use.

15. Hibiscus

Hibiscus flowering plant in india

Hibiscus is a fantastic flower; to bloom this flower, it needs proper soil, and the soil should be composed of equal parts of vermicompost and clay sand. And to grow this plant properly, you must put liquid fertilizer in every 15 days, requiring approximately 6-7 hours of proper sunlight and regular watering. This plant category is used in paper, making of rope and construction, food, creating medicine, landscaping, beverages etc. And also, it is proven best for controlling blood pressure.

16. Crepe Jasmin

Crepe Jasmin flowering plant

crepe Jasmin is also known as Chandni, and it can be quickly grown with the help of cutting techniques. The impressive fact about this plant is that no creature will ingest its leaf of this plant. It is a sturdy plant that needs less to grow this plant there is no need for any special fertilizer because it can easily be fertilized with the help of cow dung, but it needs ample sunlight.

17. Baby sunrose

Baby sunrose flowering plant

It is a slow-growing ground cover flower. The size of this plant’s leaf is tiny compared to others, and the tiny leaf helps to enhance the beauty of this plant. And in winter, you can keep this plant inside the house. But growing this plant requires a lot of attention like regular trimming, sufficient water and sunlight etc. This flower category is usually used for decoration purposes, so people primarily hang this plant in a basket.

18. Blue Daze

Blue Daze flowering plant

this flower is also known as morning glory. This flower’s forte will survive for a day, and it blooms prematurely in the day and evolves more miniature by the late afternoon. This plant needs well-drained soil, and if the soil is too sticky, it may lead to fungal disease.

Tips to conserve the plants

By following some tips and tricks, you can easily conserve or protect your plants from damage like-

1. Natural pesticides play an essential role in protecting the plant. So, because of this, most people use natural pesticides instead of chemical pesticides.

2. It is essential to offer moisture to the plants daily. But over watering may harm the plant, so it is best to provide adequate water.

3. you need to protect the plant from various environments like frost, winter, heavy rainfall, heat in summer etc.


Flower plays an essential role in our life. Different category of flower has additional benefits. Every flower or plant has a distinct tendency to provide benefits. Some plants are beneficial for health, wealth and decoration. In India, mostly all the people are very addicted to the flower’s smell, so because of this reason, they plant flowers at home. So, they always prefer to grow those categories of flowers that bloom 365 days and the flower that looks good with a great smell.

Frequently Asked Questions related to 365 days flowering plants

1. Is 365 days of planting flowers provide any effect to an extent?

No, lots of people have a myth that it provides any harmful effect, but it is wrong.

2. Which flower is also known as Chandni?

Crepe Jasmin flower is also known as Jasmine.

3. Is chemical fertilizer safe for the plant?

No, it is not unassailable for the benefit of the plant. Although it increases to bloom of the flower quickly, on another hand, it provides a harmful effect on the plant also.

4. Describe any two uses of flowers?

Flowers are used in various ways for decoration, worship, and ayurvedic treatment.

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